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This is DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Full Game NOT Demo Game.NOT DISC(CD), NOT DIGITAL CODE.How To Download -> Login into the Id and password that I provided, go to library download the game, after finished download then you can play the game without disc.When/ How can get the game account -> After payment then I will send the id and password here then just follow the step login and download the game to play.PLEASE MAKE SURE BEFORE PAYMENTProducts sold are in digital form,therefore no physical Disc(CD) is provided.will have 24 hours for you to double confirm your order, if no reply we will just send out the ID.if you pay for the wrong item you can still request cancel within 24 hours, but once ID send out is non refundable.the difference between Basic and Premium version - (NORMAL) - play game by using MINE account, no trophy record at your account, must connect internet to play the game, internet speed don’t effect game.(PREMIUM) - play game by using YOUR account , have trophy record at your account, you can play it without Internet.(NORMAL/PREMIUM) both version is same using my acc to download game at first, if you wants to play ONLINE then you must have PS PLUS at your account.Important note -For (PREMIUM VERSION) buyers please make sure after payment login the id as soon as possible, after few hour the account password will change, if still havent login then need get a new password from me. There's no time limit for download, once logged in the account started download then its fine. For (NORMAL VERSION) is no time limit to login and download, password wont change as well.Terms&ConditionDO NOT CHANGE THE ID AND PASSWORD WE PROVIDED YOU, if we found out cilent who change it we will call to Sony Centre and take back the account---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------我卖的是登入账号下载游戏,不是光碟NORMAL - 只能用我账号玩,一定要连网才可以玩,网络速度不会影响游戏速度。(省钱)PREMIUM - 用你自己账号来玩,不需要连网都可以玩。Normal/Premium 两个都是登入我账号下载游戏,如果要玩Online 你帐号必须有会员(PS PLUS),游戏故事内容都是一样的。付款前请确定这游戏是数字下载不是光碟,会有24小时来确定你购买的游戏,如果是买错了的可以在24小时内申请退款。如果24小时后都没回复就会发你帐号密码,一旦游戏账号发出就不能退还了。付款后我们会提供你账号和密码,也会发你照片步骤怎么下载重要信息给想买 Premium 版的客户付款后尽快登入帐号,过了几小时帐号密码会换,要重新和我拿密码。没有限制时间下载游戏,一旦登入了按了下载游戏就可以了。登入和下载游戏后不能删除我提供的账号,如果删除了就玩不了游戏,游戏会被锁掉Normal 版是没限制时间登入下载的,密码也不会更换。全部账号我们提供是不能更换帐号/密码,如果发现客户换了帐号或密码我们会叫Sony公司把账号拿回#Ps4Game #DigitalDownload #ps4 #playstation #playstationgame #playstation4
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