Portable Handy Stitch Battery Power Handheld Sewing Machine

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Product features:
1. Metal gear strength high, travel sound small, not easy sliding tooth
2. Compact and portable
3. A big sewing machine parts and
4. Easy operation, line box, flat edges heart, automatic positioning
5. Apply to a lot of fabrics, speed and big sewing machine
6. The built-in alloy gear and durability of the chain
7. To sewing with ease hanging curtains, wall hanging, etc
8. Use this machine sewing design handkerchief, apron, pillowcases, etc., don't have a taste
9. Travel, work, clothing damage, with the sewing machine can be emergency
10. For about 12 years old children with a little guidance, to use the machine can sew small clothes, etc., is not only a toy, and develop children's good work habits, sewing skills training partner
Directions for use:
1. Standby: four fingers hold stand, with the right hand thumb naturally on the fuselage cover, hold the machine smoothly.
2.. Put cloth: lift the clamp using right index finger, put all ready for sewing fabric formation in linking piece, gently back platen pressure fabric
3. The sewing operation: a fabric with his left hand, right hand thumb gently underground pressure quickly, automatic feed institutions will be sewn to the left. Degraded gradually moves to the right hand, left hand hold the cloth with sewing rhythms gently seam will be moving to the left, until the end of sewing
4. This function automatically into cloth and adjust the consistence between the pins.
5. Change the thread, such as in big thread, to spare extension rod and wire tube shaft connection, set into the big thread. And threading, again after adjusting line elastic sewing.
6. Change the needle: loosen the screw, remove the broken needle, with the new pin.
Warm prompt:
Installed 4 AA batteries,not include
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