EcubMaker TOYDIY 4-in-1 3D Printer FDM Laser CNC with Auto Levelling Heatable Dual PLA all in one

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Main Features

1.TOYDIY has FDM 3D printing, dual-color 3D printing, CNC engraving and laser engraving four functions. It can be quickly replaced in 30 seconds. TOYDIY has 180*180*180mm work space, no assembly required, that delivers users out-of-the-box experience.

2.3D Printing supports PLA filament, TOYDIY can realize full-automatic leveling. Three-layers heated bendable buildplate and the soft magnetic plate can easily remove the model. FDM-Dual Toolhead supports dual-color 3D printing of PLA filaments with two different colors.

3.Laser engraving uses a 1500mW high-power laser, it can carve the surface of wood, plastic, leather and other materials.

4.TOYDIY 4-in-1 special software EcubWare supports the set up and slicing of four Toolheads without the need for additional dedicated software. After changed the Toolhead, can automatically recognize the corresponding print file. First-time users can get started very easily. EcubWare supports the above win7.64bit OS, and will support MAC system in the future.

➤Warning:The FDM Toolhead and FDM-Dual Toolhead contain heating elements.Do not touch the nozzle directly by your hands to avoid acald.After printing,let TOYDIY cool down to indoor temperature before cleaning.
➤Warning:Laser Toolhead contains Laser deevice.Make sure your wear Safety Glasses when using it. Do not observe the laser directly without Safety Glasses.
➤Warning:CNC Toolhead contains high-speed motor,violation operation may cause damage to graver,make sure you wear Safety Glasses when using it.
➤Warning:When inspecting the machine,please pull out the plug at first,and make sure it has been powered off before checking.
➤Warning:Do not move the axis by hand directly,otherwise the driver chip on the motherboard will be burnt.
➤EcubWare only supports the 64-bit operating system above win7, and doesn’t support Apple MAC system for the time being.


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